Sunday, February 22, 2015


Sunday, February 22, 2015

Have you ever noticed how people try to avoid the "C" word, as if it's some dirty word that's going to offend even the most liberal of people? Listen, a spade, is a spade, is a spade....and cancer, is cancer, is cancer. It's okay to say cancer. You're really not offending or upsetting me. There's so much negative connotation associated with the word cancer, and rightfully so, but by tiptoeing around the reality of cancer doesn't magically make it disappear or make you feel any better about what you're facing. It's not the freak'n flu, that's going to go away in a few days.

Maybe for some people avoiding the word cancer and not wanting to  hear the word cancer has to do with their belief that it somehow negatively impacts their feelings. I get it...I really do. Having cancer can be and is extremely emotional. Despite all positive emotional intent, this illness has a way of making you cry, despite your best efforts to avoid it, and I can certainly see how hearing the word cancer can trigger fountains of tears. Sometimes it just happens, out of the blue, you find yourself waking in a mini panic, overwhelmed with emotions that were previously subconscious, as you slept, but somehow you find yourself fighting back tears. Or, maybe someone has said that cancer word and it triggers and emotional response, which is kind of like the Pavlo's dog experiment, classical conditioning.

I want to make a case for the cancer word being okay. I liken it to athletics. No team goes into a game, match, competition, or battle without knowing it's opponent, let alone so afraid to say their opponents name. Some degree of fear going into any game, match, competition, or battle is normal and keeps you alert, on your toes, and ready to react quickly. However, to be so afraid of calling your opponent by name, such that you'll go to great lengths to avoid even the thought of your opponent puts you at a huge disadvantage. This degree of fear can be paralyzing. In competition, it alters your strategy, training, reaction, and overall execution. This is not the way you win.

So, let's get real and honest with each other. Cancer is your opponent in the game or battle to win back your health. You can't run and you can't hide from cancer. Avoiding the word cancer doesn't have to be negative and it doesn't have to trigger an emotional response. Calling your opponent (cancer) by name and having the courage and strength to face reality can be used to fuel your determination and will to win. You'll find that this approach begins to shape your mindset, such that you're better able to control your emotions, you're more focused on studying your opponent (cancer), you're more likely to train and condition your body and mind, and you're better able to strategically plan to win your battle!

So, know your opponent and desired outcome (winning), face reality head on, and make sure your decisions and reactions align with your desired outcome. A small degree of fear is normal and healthy, but being afraid is the first step to failure. Own your battle!


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